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Welcome to the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Team Loreley!


About us

Team Loreley (暴風女神; “Goddess of the Storm”) has a long history in Hong Kong and is participating in various dragon boat races around Hong Kong, including in the famous Sun Life International Race in Stanley. Even though the name “Loreley” is a German name, our team is not. We are a truly international Dragon Boat Team with members from all over the world.

If you want to join the team, or just try out dragon boating, please drop us a line!

But to take away any illusions from the beginning, we do not meet for romantic paddling…
As this is a team sport, everybody contributes to the team, trains hard and has to listen to the coach or captain of the boat! But paddling is also about fun and not all is about competition. Team Loreley is socially engaged and supports the Federation of the Handicapped Youth in Hong Kong.
Our after-training get-togethers are fun and reward you for your great efforts for the team during training. If you have more questions or would like to join the team, send us an e-mail or simply come to a training session in Stanley.



After our kick-off event on February 10, we’re now ready to commence land training at the end of February, and have our open day on March 4. We’ll then start our regular training to be ready for the seasonal races!

If you are not sure, if paddling on a dragon boat is the right activity for you, you are welcome to check this out in one or two free training sessions.

Please note that you need to make your decision at the beginning of the season. Nobody is able to race without proper training, so there’s nearly no chance to join the team when the races are about to start! The participation in dragon boat races at the seas of Hong Kong is famous and a big honor for all paddlers!


Team Loreley meets every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Our land training (bootcamp) session are held in Hong Kong Park. For our water trainings, we meet at the boathouse of the Stanley Dragon Boat Association at Stanley Main Beach.

Prepare to get wet, so make sure to bring a spare change of clothes; showers and changing rooms are located at Stanley Main Beach.

For your first training, please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the session in order to receive some technical and safety instructions.
The boat will leave the beach on time and usually will not return to pick up late crew members!!!


Team Loreley meets every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Our regular paddling sessions started with our annual open day on March 4, 11:30am.
Please visit our Meetup page for the exact training times and locations.


Stanley Main Beach